Designing Your Dream Home From Scratch


Initial Meeting and Site of Home

During this phase, we'll get to know more about you, your needs, and the location of your dream home. If you haven't secured a lot, an Aspen Team member can assist you with locating one.

Once your lot is secured, we'll learn more about your lifestyle and start designing your plan. We'll discuss your home's square footage, bedroom and bathroom quantities, overall layout, exterior elevations, and any personal design requests.

We want to take this time to get the best understanding of your dream home. Please feel free to bring pictures and notes you've been saving for this moment! An Aspen team member will provide his or her expertise and guide you through the design process, all while making sure to exceed all of your expectations up front.


Plan selection, Specification, and Lending

Next, we have several different interim and mortgage lenders to work with you to get you pre-qualified.

Aspen Homes LLC provides the flexibility to select one of our existing architectural plans, modify an existing plan to meet your personal needs or requests, or even design a plan completely from scratch. We also allow you to provide your own plan, if needed.

Once you've selected a plan, an Aspen Team member will walk you through a complete set of specifications to understand your preferred style of finish out. We will also be sure to capture any lot specifics such as the average cost of concrete (including flatwork), tree removal, excavation, utilities, etc. Once this process is complete, we'll provide you with a fixed-price turnkey proposal for your entire project.


Review Final Proposal and Sign Contracts

After pricing is complete, you'll meet with the Aspen Team to discuss the proposed pricing. We will review the specifications and proposal as a group to ensure that everyone understands exactly what the pricing includes.

At this time, you will have the opportunity to revise the specifications to meet your targeted budget. We'll make the adjustments and schedule a second meeting to review the updated pricing of the revised proposal.

Once the proposal and contracts are approved and signed, the client will need to place a 10% deposit of the overall sales price. We will also discuss lending options and secure financing. We encourage clients to consider working with our preferred lenders, but we're also happy to work with your preferred lender.


Selections and Pre-Construction Meeting

While we wait for the construction loan to be approved, an Aspen team member and an interior designer will assist you with finalizing your selections at our 100,000 sq. ft. design center. We suggest that all selections are finalized prior to the foundation pour so that you can better enjoy the construction process.

After the lender has finalized the construction loan, Aspen Homes can now start the construction process. At this time, you'll meet with the entire Aspen Team to review the plans and specifications in detail. You and the builder will date and sign the specifications sheet, validating that both parties are in agreement.

During the pre-construction meeting, you will meet the construction supervisor to discuss the construction schedule process, which will give you a complete understanding of critical milestones. Most importantly, we'll discuss customer involvement that will be needed throughout the construction process.


Break Ground and Build Home

Once all permits are finalized, septic engineering approval, builders risk policy, surveying of property and establishing all utilities, we'll begin construction and turn your dream into a reality. By this time, you'll already have a clear understanding of how your home will look and what finish outs will be included.

Aspen Homes will provide a series of third-party inspections during every major stage of construction (pre-foundation pour, frame/electrical, mechanical inspections, etc.) to ensure the quality of our work. We will maintain these inspection records for Aspen Homes and our clients.

The construction supervisor will schedule regular walkthroughs to make sure everything is progressing in line with your wants and needs. He or she maintains several quality checklists, which help eliminate costly rework and errors. Aspen Homes' owners, Alan and Dusty Stefek, will consistently walk through and inspect your home during the construction process.


Move In and Welcome Home!

We take great pride in making your dream come true, and we want to make sure that you and your family are excited and proud of your home. Prior to your move-in, we'll perform a final walkthrough with you to guarantee that everything has been completed in accordance with your expectations.

Aspen Homes does more than build exceptional homes-we protect them with an exceptional warranty to give you peace of mind. Your luxury home comes with ACES Builder Limited Warranty, which includes ten-year structural foundation coverage and one-year bumper-to-bumper coverage for specific defects affecting workmanship and materials. We will provide you with materials to review your warranty and standards.

If you have a warranty issue, please call us immediately. We will send an Aspen Homes team member to review the warranty issue.